Chiropractic care can take time to begin showing results. There are a few different phases to chiropractic health, and because the process deals with different areas of the body without the use of drugs and surgery, this can take some time. During a visit to our chiropractic clinic in Anchorage, we will walk you through the entire process on your path to recovery, and be there every minute. We want to ensure that you are healthy without any lingering issues and can begin enjoying your life to the fullest.


In the relief phase, a patient usually comes in with some type of pain. The pain can be any discomfort the patient may be feeling and can include a number of ailments and any degree of pain level. The number of visits to a chiropractor needed will vary on the severity of the injury or discomfort.

Relief can take anywhere from a number of days to a few weeks or even months. Variables such as age, weight, patient history and other patient details will affect how long it takes to heal completely. In the rare event that a patient is not responding well to chiropractic treatment or not seeing desired results, an alternative health care provider will be presented as an option.


At this stage the pain and discomfort a patient was experiencing has mostly subsided, but there is still more healing to come. Some patients will chose to stop before hitting this phase, but halting here will only lead to relapse. This phase will focus on correcting bad habits or lifestyles by introducing new exercises, diet changes, and general changes to daily habits. These corrective changes will lead to less visits as you begin to strengthen the area of discomfort and a better quality of life without the risk of falling back into the pitfalls that started the injury.


This is the fun phase. Once we have reached this stage in the game, pain is gone, you are out doing the things you had trouble doing before and are living your life how you want to, without any hindrance. You have already put many hours towards the road to recovery, now we want to maintain your health at this level, just as we would want to do regular maintenance to a vehicle to keep it running at optimal performance.

Keeping up with your new habits and making a plan to keep you healthy is important. We will schedule checkups throughout the year to ensure everything is as it should be. This way we can also ensure we catch any new problem that may arise before it develops into a bigger problem later.

Throughout all of these phases, Parliament Chiropractic will be there every step of the way. Once the pain is gone and the visits decrease, feel free to come and visit for a friendly chat, we always love hearing from you.


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